(Approuved Novel Food since july 2016 - Complies with regulation 2017/2470)                                                       

    Common name: in West Africa “Pain de singe”

    Latin name: Adansonia digitata

    Botanical family: Bombacacea


    Botanical description: The tree is characterized by swollen trunks and branches. Baobab average 20m high and 8 to 10m in diameter. The bark is smooth, silver-grey. It is a long-lived, fast growing (in its juvenile stage) and has an average life span of 1000-3000 years. The fruit is usually ovoid. The seed represents 40% of the fruit.

    Used part of the plant: Pulp.

    Fresh pulp which has a sub-acid flavors. It can be mixed with water to produce beverages.

    Origin: The Baobab tree is found throughout west of Africa and in Madagascar in arid, semi-arid and sub-humid tropical climates.

    Main activity : antioxidant, fiber intake.

    Harvesting: Fruits falls and are collected from October to February.

    Other properties:

    1. Seeds can be eaten fresh, dried or roasted and are sometimes used as coffee substitute. In the traditional Senegalese pharmacopoeia the Baobab seed is used as an anti-allergenic, anti-dysenteric, anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety drug. 

    2. Oil can be extracted and often used in traditional ceremony. Purified oil is produced for edible cooking oil market, but most of it is used for cosmetics (bath oil, lotion, creams).

    Few information and data on the baobab oil The oil is obtained through cold maceration process from crushed seeds. Number of iode, Wijs 55-96 Palmitic acid C16 22,5% Stearic acid C18 2% Oleic acid C18:1 34% Linoleic acid C18:2 30% Tocopherols 950 mg/kg or ppm (of which Gamma-tocopherols represents 91%) Phytosterols 0,5% (of which Beta-sitostérols represents 78%) Phospholipids 0,7%.

    3. Leaves are used in cooking.





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