Common Name: Voacanga

    Latin name:
    Voacanga africana, V.thouarsii
    Botanical description: The shrub is 10 to 15m high with flared branches. Mottled green fruits, yellow at maturity, spherical and attached by pairs.

    Used part of the plant:

    Tropical and eastern Africa, from Senegal to Central African Republic, Gabon, Congo, Sudan. Quite rare in some regions where the tree has been overexploited for medicinal uses.

    Properties and medical uses: The uses are numerous : latex is used as an external rubefacient and can be applied on injuries or to treat teeth cavities. Leaves decoction is considered as a tonic. Root decoction is sometimes used to avoid premature birth for women. 

    Main activity : Many alkaloids were isolated from barks and roots (voacamine, voacangine, vobtusine). The main alkaloid in the seeds is tabersonine, hypotensive alkaloid subjected to many patents (chemically transformed into vincamine used for cerebral blood flow increase).

    Packing :
    Packed in 50 kg bags



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