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STARLIGHT PRODUCTS is encouraging the production of native or exotic Fat, Oils & Butters from plant origin in Tropical and Savannah regions: seed oils and butters, vegetable oils.


The wide biodiversity of plants throughout Africa, offers us to develop local added-value growers projects in rural communities.


We focus onprojects and sourcing from sustainable resources beneficial both to small-scale growers or farmers and international customers; here-after some of our ongoing projects:


Baobab seed oil -------------------------------   Adansonia digitata
Black Cumin seed oil ---------------------------  Nigella sativa
Colocynth (bitter apple) oil --------------------  Citrullus colocynthis
Desert Dates oil -------------------------------   Balanites aegyptiaca
Kokum butter ---------------------------------   Garcinia indica
Kombo butter -----------------------------   Pycnanthus anglensis
Mango butter -----------------------------    Mangifera indica
Méné Tree oil (false Shea) ---------------   Lophira lanceolata
Moringa oil ---------------------------------  Moringa oleifera
Neem oil ------------------------------------------  Azadirachta indica
Red Nut Grass oil ------------------------------   Cyperus rotundus
Rice bran oil -------------------------------------   Oryza sativa
Sal Butter ---------------------------------------     Shorea robusta
Shea-butter (crude, refined, organic)------    Butyrospermum parkii

Other new products are constantly under evaluation with the scope of enlarging our proposition to the Industry.


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