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Common name: Gum Myrrh

Latin name: Commiphora myrrha

Botanical family:

Botanical description & Harvesting: Myrrh is  the hardened, resinous exudates obtained from trees of Commiphora species. The resins  are used in unprocessed form for both fragrance and flavor purposes, distilled to yield volatile oils with characteristic & balsamic odors used in Perfumery. Solvent extracts are also prepared as resinoids and absolutes used as fixatives in perfumes.
Myrrh oil is occasionally used as flavoring agents: oral preparations (mouthwashes)  and beverages with slightly bitter flavor.
The production area for gum Myrrh is in the coastal area of Somaliland.

The method of collection is by tapping the tree in several places on the trunk with a hand-held metal tool (local name: mangaf). The collection of the resin occurs at particular time & season. The resin is left to exude from the tree and harden for a few days . The collector then returns to the tree to collect the hardened gum and remark the tree for more gum to start exuding.

Origin: Sahelian area, East Africa: Somaliland, Kenya, Ethiopia

Properties and uses: Perfumes, Flavors, Pharmaceutical products.

Packing: Packed in 50kg bags.


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