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100 years in Africa 

 Affiliated to a group with more than 100 years experience in Africa, STARLIGHT PRODUCTS participates to the procurement and export of Gum Arabic with highly selected qualities from carefully chosen botanical species. 

Promoting local development in Sahelian agro-business communities, we provide the end-users & manufacturers with diversified sources of raw materials as well as semi-processed materials.

A 100% natural ingredient with applications such as encapsulation, emulsion, gelling power, nutrition and non-food applications.

With on-stock material and shipments from origin, STARLIGHT PRODUCTS ensures availability in the most possible competitive way.

Technical references (E414)

 Gum Acacia    - Acacia senegal, A. seyal
       (full specification available on request)

 Product specif.    - Crude lumps (tears), Cleaned & Sifted
    - Crushed & Kibbled [0.8-8 / 1.5-8]mm
    - Powdered 106 µm

 Packing    -  50kg jute/polypro-bag    
    -  Big bags (700 / 1000kg)
    - 25kg kraft paper bags


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