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Common name : Senna

Latin name : Cassia senna , C.angustifolia, , C. acutifolia

Botanical family : Caesalpiniaceae

Botanical description : Shrub, perennial

Used part of the plant : leaves , follicles, seeds

Origin : Sudan

History and medical uses : Senna was first brought into use by the Arabian physicians Serapion and Mesue. Achiarius was the first of the Greeks to notice it and he recommends the fruit but not the leaves, where as Mesue prefers the pods to the leaves, which is less potent and does not cause griping.

Principle active :sennoside.
Purgative action being chiefly on the lower bowel, it is especially suitable in habitual costiveness

Harvesting : Harvest begins in December

Packing : pressed bales or bags


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