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Common name : Myrianthus

Latin name : Myrianthus arboreus P.Beauv.

Botanical amilly : Moraceae


Botanical description : Myrianthus arboreus is a tropical tree which can grow up 15m high, which branches growing out from a short trunk and having large red laced leaves (when they are young) or green. Oblong fruits which are about 10 cm long contain a sweet pulp and seeds which can be eaten once boiled.

This tree is situated in secondary tropical humid forests from Ivory Coast to Sudan or Tanzania. Its natural propagation is directly done with the seeds but the tree can be multiplied by graft as well.



Used part of the plant : The fruit pulp and leaves can be consumed. The trunk can be used for wood works and the bark for rigging production. Medicinal uses are varied : dysentery, diarrhoea (bark), tumours, headache, diabetes… Seeds can be eaten. 
The development or the propagation of Myrianthus arboreus has the effect of contributing to fix nitrogen in soil.


Origin : Central Africa


Harvesting : The areas we have identified allow to « produce » an important quantity from a wild non cultivated resource. This activity can offer also a complementary income to village communities. When fruits become mature during rains season, fruits transportation process (pulp removal) and seeds drying have to be carried out in dedicated places. Cold pressure capacities for oil obtention are nonexistent for the moment. 



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