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Common name : Cat’s moustache, Java Tea

Latin name : Orthosiphon stamineus

Botanical family :

Botanical description : a perennial herb of 30 to 60 cm high, with opposed leaves. The white or purple flowers brings stamens twice longer than corolla. The leafstalk is short with an oval leave, dark on the top and clearer on the bottom

Used part of the plant : Leaves

Origin : Humid regions in South East Asia

Properties : It is well known as a remedy for kidneys troubles. It has a diuretic action and help to recover from urinary infections. In decoction are known to help digestive problems and to have a choleretic action. 
It could be used in weight management as a slimming improver 

Principle active : Relatively reach in potassium, flavones (sinensetine) and rosmarinic acid

Harvesting : From September to March



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