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Family : Rubiaceae

Description : "Yohimbé" is a large tree from evergreen forests in Central African region (Gabon, Cameroon, Congo). The bark is used for local traditional medicines.
Harvested in long & large pieces, barks are then sun-dried and further crushed in smaller pieces.

Aspect : The Bark is dark brown or reddish brown

Specifications : Natural content of ative principles are indolic alkaloids, mainly yohimbanes (yohimbine, corianthine, pseudo-yohimbine, etc.)

Packing and presentation : Quality Crushed in coarse & irregular pieces
Sieving >0.5cm up to 10cm approximately
polypro bags 50kg net
Container 20'FCL=8000 to 9000kg


Use : Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical


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