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Common name : Moringa, Morongo, Horse-radish tree,

Latin name : Moringa oleifera, syn. M.pterygosperma

Botanical family : Moringaceae

Botanical description : The tree is very resistant to dryness and can grow up to 10m high. It has low branches and big fruits with triangular section

Used part or the plant : Seeds and leaves

Origin : Sub-Saharan Continental and sub-tropical Africa, West Africa coast, India, Pakistan, Madagascar.

Properties : It has been known since Antiquity for its water purification properties, by flocculation. At nutritional and pharmacological level, it offers an important richness for local communities who cultivate it and eat different parts of the tree. 
Moringa is an essential resource which can contribute to the fight against malnutrition. The tree is also planted to build up natural hedges

Principle active : Seeds are rich in mono- and poly-unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins, proteins, phytosterols. The leaves have a high content in proteins, vitamins A and B and fibers.

Harvest : Seeds and leaves can be collected from November to April



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