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Common name : Rice Bran Wax

Latin name :
Oryza sativa cera

Botanical family : Poaceae

Process description : Rice bran wax is obtained by refining the crude wax after de-waxing process during the refining of rice bran oil extracted from rice bran. In the next steps, the crude wax is refined by de-oiling, de-gumming and de-colourising by appropriate physical process involving specifically adapted filters.

No bleaching, solvents, chemicals, additives or hydrogenation is applied in the process.

It is a hard, non-tacky, high melting point natural wax. Its major components are a higher chain of fatty alcohols and fatty acids, esther wax

Origin : Asia

Properties : Rice Bran Wax is extremely good for the human skin especially, it has good plastisizer property for spreading of creams & lotions on human skin: the cream gives a silky & non-tacky feeling on the skin. It is also a good antioxidant properties 

Packing : Blocks are broken into small pieces packed in 25 kg bags.


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