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Aromatic and medicinal plants

With its natural settlement in Africa, STARLIGHT PRODUCTS is dedicated to the sourcing of natural plants with different application from food, to cosmetic through pharmaceutics.


Hydrocolloid gums

STARLIGHT PRODUCTS provides you with all types of water-soluble gums from on-stock small quantities to full container loads. Gums are selected through our procurement network directly from producing areas. All our products are tested to meet the highest standards of the industry.

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Natural waxes

Since the beginning, STARLIGHT PRODUCTS has promoted the natural crude waxes responding to the increasing demand of natural source of wax for the industry or cosmetic areas.

Resins For Fragrances & Perfumery

STARLIGHT PRODUCTS has specialised in the sourcing of resinous exudates & balsams, used for fragrance and flavour purposes.

Fats Oils and Butters

STARLIGHT PRODUCTS is encouraging the production of native or exotic Fat, Oils & Butters from plant origin in Tropical and Savannah regions: seed oils and butters, vegetable oils.


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